What makes us who we are —

We believe culture is everything

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Our Purpose

 This is what gets us up in the morning

To leave a positive IMPRINT on all we touch

Our Attributes

These are the values that govern our behavior

Committed to Excellence

Our Constituents

This is who we do it for

+ Our Owners

We understand what makes lifestyle properties work and these are the types of properties we speacialize in. We are focused on the segment we are experts in and curate every hotel individually in order to deliver truly unique guest experiences and to maximize the potential of an individual property.

Whether you own, or are developing, an independent hotel or a franchised lifestyle brand, we are the right company for you. Our customized and non-traditional approach in everything we do helps us to not only attract the very best talent, but also have the property team be focused on what they do best – attracting, delighting and retaining their customers and optimizing the operating results by focusing on what is most important.

We are committed to developing a strong, collaborative relationship with you. This means full transparency. Our simple and succinct reporting systems keep you informed of our mindful and intentional strategies. Always forward-thinking, our nimble management approach is committed to excellence. Our goal is to earn your trust and respect while maximizing the value of your asset.

+ Our employees

Lifestyle properties require unique and qualified talent at all levels and we know what that looks like. Our forward thinking approach allows us to break out of traditional employment practices needed to first attract the right talent and then to keep them engaged and retain them.

We believe that creating the right employment culture and experience is as important as creating the right guest experience, as one can not exist without the other. A great guest experience is always anchored in and the result of a great employee experience first.

We value independent thinking and a “whatever it takes” attitude towards creating excellence in guest service that is non scripted, empowered and intuitive. Our employee experience is one based on trust, respect and a passion for excellence and we reward with a strong sense of belonging, continuous improvement, opportunities for growth and great benefits.

+ Our Communities

Our communities are key to our success … they need to be nurtured and embraced.

We encourage all members of our management teams to follow their hearts and “give back” to their communities in a way that feels authentic and valuable. We encourage our teams of employees to find ways to participate in community events or volunteer for important causes.

Our restaurants are positioned as “living rooms” for the local community and make them available for group needs. We hope to nurture “win-win” community relationships as they can result in room and event referrals, as well as increased restaurant traffic.

Our Differentiators

This is what sets us apart

Customized lifestyle experiences across all segments

Most mainstream hotel management companies use a generic approach to managing their portfolio across different segments.  They struggle to deliver truly unique guest experiences that maximize the potential of an individual property. We understand what makes these unique properties successful.

Transparent relationships with all our stakeholders

We are committed to developing strong, collaborative and transparent relationships. Our open and succinct communication style keeps stakeholders constantly informed of our mindful and intentional strategies.  Our goal is to earn our owners’ trust and respect while maximizing the value of their asset.  We offer customized, flexible terms that are aligned with our owners’ goals and objectives. 

Outstanding team member experience and service culture

We strongly believe that service excellence can only be accomplished if the employee experience mirrors the guest experience.  With that, the service culture needs to be articulated at both the guest and employee levels.  In today’s fight for talent, it is crucial to select and retain the right people.  We put tremendous emphasis on selection, orientation and training.  We then reward excellent performance, promote accountability and foster growth opportunities for our people.  We attract talent because the best want to work with the best and be part of a winning team.  Our network is filled with talented people who share our values and want to work with us in our culture.

Branding alignment across all components of the guest experience

You know that feeling when you walk into a hotel and everything feels “just right”? In those cases, a strong brand has been created and operationalized that ensures a cohesive and seamless alignment among all facets of the customer experience.  Many times though, the entities involved in the  branding of a property work in silos, creating individual components during the creative process that never get connected. To ensure this does not happen, we offer our unique vision alignment process CONCEPTIVITY℠.  Using this process, we coach all entities involved in the project to execute against the overarching vision and ensure that all aspects of the experience are operationalized seamlessly as part of one cohesive brand identity and experience.

Innovative approach to everything we do

We are constantly looking for new ways to do business that free-up time for our operating teams to create memorable experiences for our guests and produce solid operating results for our owners. Our size and experience allow us to implement initiatives in a nimble and uncomplicated manner resulting in faster speed-to-market. 

Seamless and meaningful integration of technology

Technology has become a key aspect of customer interactions across all markets, including hospitality.  For our guests, we seek to provide the perfect blend of interactive technology and genuine human connection - the defining element of true hospitality. For our owners, our focus is to provide relevant and useful information with an emphasis on forward-looking analytics.