CONCEPTIVITY®vision alignment process

For owners and developers looking to create a new property or reposition an existing one, we offer our unique Vision Alignment Process, CONCEPTIVITY®.  Using this process, we coach all entities involved in the project to execute against the overarching vision and ensure that all aspects of the experience are seamlessly aligned toward one cohesive brand identity and experience.

 We work closely with your project manager to coordinate communication between all entities including the architect, interior designers, creative agency, management company and other stakeholders.  We coach them as needed and offer our recommendations and solutions as appropriate.

Our CONCEPTIVITY® Vision Alignment Process makes the difference between a property where everything feels disjointed and a property where everything feels “just right!”

Every property will have its unique aspects and needs, so the approach will be customized accordingly.  In general, the process will include the following steps:

Ownership Objectives   Capture and review ownership expectations for the property

Vision   Assist in creation or refinement of the vision through facilitating, moderating and reviewing; articulate specific points of differentiation on how the property will be different and better than its competitors

Feasibility   Test the financial and operational viability of the vision through various studies

Customer Journey   Assist in articulating all aspects of the customer journey  - guest and employee - and ensure alignment with the vision

Vision Filters   Create non-negotiable vision filters that all ideas and proposals will be funneled through to determine if they fit the vision, are financially feasible and operationally viable

Operationalizing the Vision   Facilitate the design of operational execution points in all areas; review operating procedures, communication, and training to ensure a strong “pull through” of the vision

Communication   Drive dialogue with all stakeholders throughout the entire process; remain involved in all critical project meetings and decisions through ongoing coaching, aligning and filtering

Value Engineering Process   Participate in VE decisions to gauge impact on the vision and make appropriate recommendations

Implementation   Assist in the opening process and challenge weaknesses as necessary; assist in creating plans for post-opening adjustments to be made within the first 60 days of business

Post-Opening Support   Conduct periodic assessments of the property to ensure vision alignment around the brand remains strong and intact

The CONCEPTIVITY® team stays connected throughout the entire project timeline, including the opening.


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